Creating an IFC-SG Model from Tekla for CORENET-X Submission

This course will impart the knowledge and skills for Built Environment professionals to prepare their Tekla models for Corenet X submission

Course Overview

This course will impart the knowledge and skills for Built Environment professionals to prepare their Tekla structure model for a CORENET X submission. The course provides learners with an overview of CORENET X and its benefits to the industry, orientate learners to the IFC-SG resource kit, and train them to use the resource kit for the step-by-step process of preparing models for conversion to IFC-SG.

Course Curriculum

  • L01. The Learner can identify the transformational benefits of Corenet X to the industry. (A1, K1)

  • L02. The Learner can explain the purpose of all files within the IFC-SG Resource Kit. (A1, K1)

  • L03. The Learner can import IFC into Tekla as reference and check its georeferenced.

  • L04. The Learner can extract the relevant information from IFC-SG mapping table for various authority submission.

  • L05. The Learner can embed relevant IFC-SG information into Tekla model using Tekla's default IFC feature.

  • L06. The Learner can export a Tekla model into IFC-SG

Entry Requirements

  • Proficient with the use of a Windows-based computer for work.

  • Is familiar with Tekla Structure software workflow

Course Venue


      Our Location

      #05-04, Sin Ming Rd, Building Lobby 1 Amtech Building, Amtech 575625

    Training Mode



    8 Hours

    About course


      ACRA-registered Name

      Ace Industrial Academy Pte. Ltd.




      8 Hours

      Net Fee after Skillsfuture Funding

      $400 (excluding 8% GST)

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