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    Control resources, control cost, and now we can help you control time too. AcePLP is a flexible partner that will find you a suitable solution based on your project, organisation set-up, and needs.

    With AcePLP’s service, resourcing issues are more transparent than ever.

    1. Use only what you need  our operation model is to charge for only what you use. Work volume rise and fall as projects come and go. Sometimes you need more resources for only a short period of time, so you pay for the resources you need only for the time you need it.
    2. Whenever you need it – We are a team of close to 200 engineering professionals located in various engineering and construction projects around Singapore. When you have a project requirement, we go to you. When you don’t, we’ll be at another project. The next time you see us is when you need us.

    3. Stay lean and competitive – When you pay only for what you need, you save resources that can help you do better than your competition.

    4. Feel confident – AcePLP is an ISO9001:2008 certified company that has advanced the workflow efficiency of Architectural, Engineering and Construction projects for the past 15 years. All our engineering professionals are rigorously trained to service your project. Our expertise covers all engineering disciplines (e.g. Archi, C&S, M&E) and multiple types of infrastructure (e.g. buildings, rails and roads, plants)

    5. Focus on what you do best – AcePLP makes your non-essential work our priority. We take care of the support functions of AEC projects. Our services include planning, drafting, 3D modelling, information management, CAD/BIM training, headhunting, printing and archiving. This means we’ll take care of the details, while you do what you need to remain on top of your game.

    Contact AcePLP for a discussion on how we can complement you in your project. Our experienced professionals will get in touch with you to understand your project requirements before proposing suitable solutions that work for you. 


    159 Sin Ming Road
    #05-03 Lobby 1 Amtech Building
    Singapore 575625
    Tel : +65 6455 9938
    Fax: +65 6455 2232

    Branch Office

    26 Boon Lay Way
    #01-78 Tradehub 21
    Singapore 609970
    Tel : +65 6515 9938
    Fax: +65 6515 9918

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